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Can I have a mixed gender Grooms Party?

My best friend is a girl, can she be involved in my wedding?

Can I have a Best Woman?

My friend is non-binary, can they be a groomsperson?

This blog could be short, as the answer is YES! YOU CAN! To all of the above! And all other related questions.

Although we feel it’s important to expand.

Thanks to people choosing friendship over tradition, wedding vocabulary has been expanding in recent years: Groomswoman, Best Woman, Bridesman, Man of Honour, Groomspeople, Bridespeople etc, which just makes us very happy.

Mixing your nearest and dearest in your groomsparty ensures you’ve got your most favourite people up there with you when you tell you beloved that you do.

But how do you do it well?

How do you style mixed genders in the main wedding party?

You can do whatever you like, this blog article from One Fab Day has some incredible styling tips.

For us, the simple method is the best.

Ensure that there is something in common between your whole wedding party, whether that be a recurring colour, pattern, accessory, just so that you have all of your best mates tying in with each other.

For our wedding at His Day Towers, my best friend Sam(antha for clarity) is in my chosen groomspeople, who are all wearing a forest green, so Sam will have that accent tied into whatever she chooses to wear.

How do I plan the stag do?

This one is trickier. If, like me, you’ve gone for a groomswoman in your party, do you invite them to the stag do?

Equally if you have a best woman, do they organise and arrange it?

The answer is an absolute kop out, but it’s true…it’s up to you and them! Whatever you as the groom want and feel comfortable with, and equally whatever your friend feels comfortable with, go with that.

For us, we asked the groomswoman her opinion, and she didn’t want to go on the stag with a group of lads, so fair enough. But we WILL be doing something else prior to the wedding with her and all the groomspoeple to ensure we are all involved.

What happens the morning of?

In the movies, in the books, and other groomsparties I have been part of, the morning of is an event in and of itself. You’ll all be getting ready together, getting the nerves out the way, all in the same room, maybe not an environment for your groomswoman to be in? Again, it’s up to you how you play this one.

Our plan is a pre-match pint before we get to the wedding ceremony, which my groomswoman will most certainly be part of, but seeing all of us in our boxers prior? I don’t think she’d be that keen.

Hopefully you find these tips useful. REMEMBER: break tradition if you have a best friend who isn’t a guy, you can involve your female and non-binary friends in the whole event, getting them involved in your groomsparty and bearing in mind the commonly asked questions above.

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