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Married: Mission Accomplished? Nope. We're Just Getting Started.

Updated: Feb 29

If you've been following us from the beginning, you'll know why we started...

We were are wedding fairs, and I was just getting ignored by every supplier, they only wanted to speak to Anna, my Bride-to-be. Anna's friend asked 'why are you even here, David?'. We searched for a groom-centric wedding fair, couldn't find one so created our own, where it's His Day too!

Well, 2023 brought around our wedding, so mission accomplished, we're married now right?!

Married Accomplished

WRONG! We're here to stay.

Inclusivity is something we feel so strongly about, and yes it's weird to think grooms (majority being men) aren't included, but for some reason the wedding industry excludes grooms from the party.

On top of this, we're here for the same-sex grooms, who want to find a place where they can be a groom, and it not be only geared towards majority LGBTQ+ people.

Then there's the race and size bias we see across the whole of the wedding industry. White, skinny, polished people on the front of the glossy, wedding magazines, we want to mix that it.

So as you can see, we're only just getting started.

2024 will bring more disruption, but in a very good way.

  • MORE wedding fairs, which you can see here.

  • MORE visibility and slots at other fairs and wedding events to spread the word of our mission.

  • MORE resources and becoming the go-to place for all grooms.

  • And MORE excellent content to advise and inform all of our partner suppliers on how to be as inclusive as possible.

So join us as we embark on another exciting year.

AND if you're getting married this year, be sure to join on that journey by subscribing to our free monthly tips. There's no better way to stay informed on what to do in the run up to your wedding. You can sign up here.

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