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Should I Write my Wedding Speech with AI? Pros & Cons.

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Should I write my wedding speech using AI?

Writing and delivering a wedding speech can be a daunting task, even for experienced public speakers. For those with little to no public speaking experience, it can seem like an insurmountable task. AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology promises to help the writer craft a better speech, but is it worth the risk, and is it the best way to go? His Day have explored the benefits and risks of writing a wedding speech with AI, as well as our conclusion, and some other information on writing the best wedding speech.

We've used ChatGPT to test this out, and ByWord just to test how it does writing a blog! P.S. most of this blog is AI 🤫

NOTE this is for a Groom's speech, best man speech, Father-of-the-Bride speech, or any speech you ever want to do at a wedding!

What are the Benefits of Using AI for Wedding Speeches?

  1. The primary benefit of using AI for wedding speeches is its ability to quickly produce a speech that is tailored to a specific couple and their wedding. AI technology can use data points such as the couple's relationship history, wedding date, venue, etc. to create a speech that is highly personalised and reflects their individual love story.

  2. AI can also help to refine and edit the speech by suggesting changes or additions, making it easier for the writer to craft a well-written, impactful speech.

  3. In addition, AI can help to reduce the amount of time it takes to write a wedding speech. By using AI to generate a speech, the writer can save time by not having to research and brainstorm ideas.

  4. AI can also help to ensure that the speech is free of errors and typos, as it can quickly detect and correct any mistakes. This can help to ensure that the speech is professional and polished.

Here's a video on Youtube about how to use ChatGPT for writing a best man speech.

What are the Risks of Using AI for Wedding Speeches?

  1. Perhaps the most concerning risk of using AI for wedding speeches is the potential for it to produce an unconvincing or generic-sounding speech. AI is limited in its ability to understand the nuances of human relationships and expressions of emotion, which could lead to a speech that lacks genuine feeling and personal touches.

  2. Additionally, there is a risk that an AI-created speech will be filled with clichéd phrases or jokes that are not tailored to the couple's specific situation.

  3. Furthermore, there is a risk that the AI-generated speech will be too long or too short, or that it will contain inappropriate content. AI is not yet sophisticated enough to understand the context of a wedding speech, and so it may not be able to accurately gauge the length or tone of the speech.

  4. Additionally, AI may not be able to recognise when certain topics or jokes are inappropriate for a wedding setting.

So, Should I Use AI to Write my Wedding Speech?

AI tools such as ChatGPT is getting better and better each day, with more people using it, it's 'learning' to be better as do the developers behind it.

However, it's still not you! You know the vibe of the wedding, what the bride, groom and/or the wedding party want from a speech at the wedding. They've chosen you to deliver the speech because they love you and your personality, so lean into that, and deliver a speech written by you...and maybe get AI to give you some initial help! 😉

Still struggling? We have a great partnership with Richard from LifeIsASpeech who specialises in helping you write a meaningful speech, oh, and he's a human, which helps!

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