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The Groom's Suit: The Do's and Don'ts

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but choosing the right suit for the groom doesn't have to be. Whether you're a traditionalist or a trendsetter, your suit should reflect your personal style and make you feel confident on your special day. Here are the do's and don'ts to keep in mind when selecting the perfect wedding suit for the groom.


  • Decide whether you rent or buy: Renting is a good solution on a budget and to get the suit the same across all of your groomsmen, however selection is limited and costs can often come close to buying a new suit from a high-street store. Buying means you have your suit forever and you have more choice.

  • Invest in quality: Your wedding suit is a long-term investment and should be made with durable materials. Look for suits made with high-quality fabrics, such as wool or silk, that will last for years to come.

  • Consider the venue: The venue of your wedding can greatly affect the style of suit you should choose. For a formal wedding, a classic black tuxedo is always a safe choice, while a more relaxed beach wedding may call for a lighter-colored linen suit.

  • Tailor to fit: A well-tailored suit will make all the difference in the final outcome. Ensure that the suit fits you properly, especially around the waist, sleeves, and trousers. It's your big day, you deserve to feel the best you can.

  • Accessorise: Add a personal touch to your suit with accessories such as a pocket square, boutonnière, or cufflinks. These small details will make your suit unique and add an extra element of style. Our friends over at Kingsley Leather specialise in leather cufflinks and bow ties to really give that classic look to your accessories.

  • Get great shoes: We're from Northampton...would you expect anything less?!


  • Skimp on comfort: Your wedding day is long, and you want to be comfortable throughout the day. Make sure the suit you choose is made of breathable fabric and is not too tight.

  • Overdo it: Don't go too overboard with patterned or bright colored suits. Opt for classic colors like navy, black, or grey for a timeless look.

  • Neglect footwear: Your shoes should complement your suit, not clash with it. Choose shoes in a neutral color that match the formality of your suit and wedding.

  • Ignore your body type: Be mindful of your body type when choosing a suit. Consider the cut, style, and fit that will flatter your figure the most.

In conclusion, your wedding suit is a crucial element of your special day and should reflect your personal style while also being comfortable and fitting well. By following these do's and don'ts, you'll be sure to look and feel your best on your wedding day as always remember, it's His Day too!

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