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What's included in the Bundle?


The Only Groom's Speech Template you'll need! 

Thoughtfully curated from many articles, advice columns and writers; our Groom's Speech Template will make your speech writing easier, quicker and crowd pleasing! From helpful tips to creative ways to add some fun, to the all-important time stamps and order. Our template is the most detailed and yet easiest to read and use that you'll find. 


Please note: This product is in PDF infographic format.


The Questions You Need to Ask Your Venue!

As written by a former event planner, our list of questions for your venue are a must before committing to your big day! When you look at multiple venues who all offer different packages, different information, and different inclusions it can often feel overwhelming which one to choose! That's why this list of a questions is a must have before you head into those meetings! We have also included a note section after each question to make remembering the answers even easier!


Please note: This product is a 3 page A4 PDF.


The Seating Plan Template!

You've got your venue; you've had the RSVP's in so now it's time to tackle the dreaded seating plan! Our simple template has the bonus of a guide sheet to help you and your partner determine the right layout for your wedding before you start planning who sits where! Downloadable as a template, the Seating Plan is fully editable and customisable to your special day.


Please note: This document will be sent in a PDF format.


The Groom's To Do List!

We don't know about you, but we've found hundreds of wedding to do lists out there but none just for the groom! Our 5-page handy tick sheet includes all the things you need to remember in the lead up to your big day! Don't worry, we've included all the big things too!


Please note: This document will be sent in a PDF format.


Plus! The Bundle includes our Groom's free resources so you can download them all in one place! 

These include our Groom's Speech Tip Sheet, Wedding Speech Tip Sheet, (For those who aren't the groom!) and our Groom's Tip Sheet for tips from your engagement to the big day!


Please note: These products are all sent in PDF format.



The Best Man's Speech Template! 
Similar to our groom's speech template, we have put together a comprehensive guide of how to ace the best man's speech. With useful tips and things to remember to a detailed template with time stamps; we have researched to make sure this is the only guide you'll need! 

Please note: This product is in PDF infographic format.


Please note: This product is in PDF infographic format.


The Stag Do Top Trumps

That’s right, this is the classic Top Trumps, but for the stag do! We’ve given you a spreadsheet with certain criteria which the groom and best man can go through over a few drinks and rate how your mates will be on a stag do. The spreadsheet gives you a total score so you can determine your top staggers.

Once you’ve got that done, we’ve put together a template Top Trumps card to get printed in the Stag Do Rule Cards pack below. Create one for each Stag Doer, add their name, photo, total score, and ranking – then pick four of their best (or worst) scores to get playing on the stag.

We’ve included a few other games you might want to play with these cards for a bit of fun as well.


Please note: This product is in Microsoft Excel format for the spreadsheet.


Stag Do Rule Cards

What is a Stag Do without rules? Completely unruly and unorganised. We love organised fun! But rules don’t have to be boring! These rules will ensure drinking is consistent, people are together having fun and you’re all singing off the same Stag Do hymn sheet.

No more arguments of what International Drinking Rules you’re using. Ensure you always have your card on you or else there could be punishments. And perhaps most importantly, use these cards for key info like contact numbers, hotel addresses etc.


Please note: This product is in Microsoft Powerpoint format and completely editable.


Stag Party Drinking Games

Stuck for some ideas on how to liven up the stag? We’ve got you covered.

Some of the classic drinking games that you can use during the Stag Party to get everyone going. Great to get the drink flowing and get to know to know everyone in the group.


Please note: This product is in PDF infographic format.

The Ultimate Everything Bundle

  • All products will be sent to your email as digital downloads when purchased. 

    The files will be a mixture of editable canva templates, PDFs, Powerpoints and Excel spreadsheets.

  • We are not able to offer any refunds on digital download products. 

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