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7 Ideas on How to Propose to Your Other Half This Valentine’s Day

Updated: Feb 9

Will you marry me with flowers

Valentine's Day, a celebration of love and romance, that holds a special place in the hearts of couples around the world! It's a day when love is expressed through thoughtful gestures, heartfelt words, and, for some, life-changing proposals.

Proposing is a momentous occasion, a pivotal chapter in the book of love. It's a gesture that demonstrates commitment, devotion, and the promise of a shared future. Making a proposal special and unforgettable is not just about adhering to tradition but about creating a moment that resonates with the very essence of your relationship.

We are going to explore some pretty unique ways to make your proposal memorable this Valentines Day! We have come up with 7 distinctive ways to pop the question, to ensure that this year will be carved into the memories of you and your other half forever. Let us help you on your proposal journey!

Way to Propose #1 : The Scavenger Hunt of Love Proposal

Let your partner enjoy an exciting journey through your relationship, which will culminate in an unforgettable proposal. The adventure can serve as a memory lane of your shared history, as well as build anticipation for the finale! Some ideas you could use may be:

·       Where you first met.

·       A special date location.

·       The first ‘I Love You’ location.

·       Shared hobbies or interests.

·       Somewhere you celebrated a milestone together.

·       Special places you frequent e.g. favourite restaurant or picnic spot.

Proposal in the woods


Way to Propose #2 : A Hot Air Balloon Adventure


Elevate your proposal to new heights with a romantic hot air balloon adventure that will take your love to the skies. Set against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset or twinkling stars, this proposal idea promises to be an experience neither of you will ever forget.

Way to Propose #3 : Beach Picnic

 A dreamy private beach picnic is sure to set an unforgettable backdrop for your proposal. Create a seaside haven adorned with your partners favourite food and drink. When the sun begins to set, seize the moment to get down on one knee, and ask the all-important question. Perhaps consider enlisting the help of a photographer to discreetly capture the magic or set up a camera for a candid proposal video!

Need some inspo for what to pack in your picnic? Look here for some fun ideas!

Proposal on the beach


Way to Propose #4 : A Message in the Sky

Why not arrange for your personalised message to be written in the sky? You can take your significant other to a meaningful location for you both, and let the magic unfold as your message takes flight in the clouds. How could they say no?


Way to Propose #5 : A Simple Date Night

Got a favourite spot for date night? Get your partner to dress up, cook or order in their favourite meal, and pop the question over twinkling candles and a bottle of champagne! A simple but thoughtful, romantic gesture.

Way to Propose #6 : A Customised Book of Love

In a predominantly digital world, there’s nothing quite like a tangible keepsake that captures your romance, that you can read over and over again. You could fill your book with photographs, sweet love notes, keepsakes from your favourite shared adventures, and as you approach the final pages, lies the pièce de resistance – a proposal that symbolises your next chapter together. You will be able to flip through its pages for years to come, and relive your story!


Way to Propose #7 : Keep it Cosy (A His Day Groom's favourite...)

How about if big, extravagant gestures just aren’t their style? Opt for a cosy and intimate evening. Prepare mugs of hot chocolate, wrap yourselves in a blanket, and enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire. A relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, free from pressure or expectations, can create a more memorable and meaningful experience than an elaborate declaration of love!

Cosy proposal in bed

And Finally...

Finally, a few more things to consider before you pop the big question!


·       Have a think about your partners hobbies and interests, what would they enjoy?

·       Is the timing of your proposal appropriate? Is it going to coincide with any family events, parties or gatherings?

·       Do your research on the ring! Make sure it’s to your partners style and preference… and the right size!

·       Have fun celebrating together after you propose, however that may look for the both of you!

We hope our ideas have sparked some inspiration for all of you planning a proposal this Valentines Day!

You may even be thinking about your big day already – take a look at our blog for some wedding saving tips.

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Forever and always in Scrabble letters

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